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Soal-Jawab Siap UN (UNBK) 2019/2020 SMP-MTs Bahasa Inggris

Download Contoh Soal dan Kunci Jawaban Siap UN/UNBK/UNKP) Tahun 2019/2020 Mapel Bahasa Inggris I pdf

Download Contoh Soal dan Kunci Jawaban Siap Ujian Nasional (UN/UNBK) Tahun Pelajaran 2019/2020 Mapel Bahasa Inggris

Contoh Soal Beserta Kunci Jawaban Siap Ujian Nasional (UN/UNBK/UNKP) Tahun Pelajaran 2019/2020 Mapel Bahasa Inggris ini diharapkan bisa menjadi rujukan atau referensi bagi para siswa SMP atau MTs yang hendak menempuh Ujian Nasional (UN) berbasis komputer (UNBK).

Contoh Soal dan Kunci Jawaban Siap Ujian Nasional (UN/UNBK) Tahun Pelajaran 2019/2020 Mapel Bahasa Inggris ini berasal dari soal UN yang telah diujikan pada tahun-tahun yang telah lalu. Keuntungan belajar menggunakan contoh soal faktual atau soal yang pernah diujikan adalah keabsahan atau validitas soal tersebut. Soal yang telah diujikan berarti memiliki validitas empirik. Hal yang menarik dari validitas empirik yang tinggi adalah kemampuan contoh soal itu dalam hal prediktibilitas atau daya ramal. Memang soal yang akan diujikan tidak akan sama persis dengan contoh soal tahun yang telah berlalu. Namun demikian, mereka mempunyai similar patterns atau pola yang mirip. Untuk lebih menajamkan prediktibilitas, hendaknya para peserta didik juga menambah khasanah dengan mempelajari kisi-kisi Soal Ujian Nasional (UN/UNBK) Tahun Pelajaran 2019/2020 Mapel Bahasa Inggris yang dikutipkan pada akhir tulisan ini. Belajar dengan menggunakan material atau bahan belajar yang sahih tentu saja dapat membantu siswa dalam hal pemetaan materi belajar. Dengan mempunyai peta belajar yang valid, maka diharapkan para siswa calon peserta UN (UNBK) tahun 2019/2020 SMP-MTs dapat belajar dengan cara yang efektif dan efisien. Efektif artinya adalah bahwa cara atau metode belajar siswa dapat mempengaruhi hasil nilai. Semakin besar atau semakin tinggi nilai atau hasil belajarnya, maka siswa tersebut dapat dikatakan telah belajar secara efektif. Efisien artinya bahwa para siswa calon peserta UN (BK) dapat menghemat waktu belajar karena memiliki panduan yang jelas.

Berikut adalah tautan Download Contoh Soal Beserta Kunci Jawaban Siap Ujian Nasional (UN/UNBK) Tahun 2019/2020 Mapel Bahasa Inggris:

Download Contoh Soal Beserta Kunci Jawaban Siap Ujian Nasional (UN/UNBK/UNKP) Tahun Pelajaran 2019/2020 Mapel Bahasa Inggris

Berikut adalah kutipan dari Contoh Soal Beserta Kunci Jawaban Siap Ujian Nasional (UN/UNBK) Tahun 2019/2020 Mapel Bahasa Inggris tersebut:

The following text is for Questions 1 to 3.

Due to extreme weather, our school is closing 4 hours earlier, at 11.00 a.m. If you pick up your child, please be at school no later than 10.30 a.m. Buses will follow their normal routes.

1. Why will the school be closing earlier?

A. There are fewer school activities.
B. There is a threat of terrible weather.
C. Parents want to pick up their children soon.
D. School buses have new routes and schedules.

2. What time will classes be over?
A. 10.30 a.m.
B. 11.00 a.m.
C. 03.00 p.m.
D. 04.00 p.m.

3. "Due to extreme weather, ..."
The underlined word is closest in meaning to ....
A. mild
B. warm
C. pleasant
D. severe

The following text is for questions 4 and 5.

Dear Edo,

L5 Sumatra Straat
Amsterdam, Netherland.
24 January 2016

Thanks for your letter. How's everything going? The school here has begun and I miss my summer. I spent my summer holiday at a camp. There was nothing interesting at home so I went to the beach with friends. We had a wonderful time there. We played volleyball, went swimming, and sunbathed. We had various progranunes at the beach camp. I met a lot of friends there. Well, I want to know about your summer holiday, too. Tell me about it. I am looking forward to your reply.

Best wishes, Julia

4. Why was Julia happy at the beach?

A. She met Edo at the beach camp.
B. There was nothing to do at home.
C. She did many activities at the beach.
D. She planned many programmes at the beach.

5. From the text above we can conclude that Julia ....

A. had a holiday with Edo
B. spent her holiday at home
C. enjoyed her summer holiday
D. asked Edo to spend a holiday together

The following text is for questions 6 and 7.

My dear Ifa,

Sorry that we have to cancel our trip to Bunaken next month. I have to go to Kupang and Surabaya for teachers conferences. Dad is going to have a seminar in Bandung. You will meet him there. I hope we can go to Bunaken next year.

Love, Mom

6. Where did Ifa and her mother plan to go?
A. Bandung. B. Bunaken. C. Surabaya. D. Kupang.

7. "Sorry that we have to cancel our trip to Bunaken next month." The underlined word is closest in meaning to ....
A. expedition
B. adventure
C. cruise
D. tour

The following text is for questions 8 and 9.

Golden Bird Oriental Restaurant
Jl. Sedap Malam 150 Banyumas

Weekdays: 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Weekends: 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Student Price: Show your valid student card to get a 20% discount for certain foods and drinks

Information about our special packages for lunch and dinner please contact 0879 2251 104

8. Why do students need to show their student cards?
A. To reserve a table during the weekends.
B. To order food for oriental people.
C. To find out the special menu.
D. To get a special price.

9. On weekdays, Golden Bird Oriental Restaurant serves customers ... than on weekends.
A. worse
B. longer
C. earlier
D. better

The following text is for questions 10 to 12.


To all students of grade VIII. There will be a school holiday for two weeks. Please do a project of descriptive text in writing. It should be about any animal around your house. You can describe your own pet or your neighbour's. Don't forget to put the animal's photo in your writing. You have to submit it on the
first day of the second semester.
Mr. Hasan

10. What is the announcement about?
A. Semester Holiday.
B. Neighbour's pet.
C. Writing project.
D. Picture description.

11. What should the student do during their holiday?
A. Doing project of descriptive text.
B. Describing the first day of semester.
C. Being away from school.
D. Taking pictures of a pet.

12. "You have to submit it on the first day .... " What does the underlined word mean?
A. Bring.
B. Collect.
C. Take.
D. Send.

Catatan: Soal ini memiliki jawaban yang ambigu. Jawaban kemungkinan bisa Bring yang berarti membawa. Maksudnya membawa writing project-nya. Jawaban bisa jadi collect juga dalam artian mengumpulkan. Namun collect sendiri artinya mengkoleksi atau mengumpulkan. Dalam konteks teks di atas, collect tidak tepat jika disandingkan dengan submit. Jawaban juga bisa Send dalam pengertian send adalah mengirim. Konteks submit di sini tidak tepat jika dipadankan dengan send karena send mengandung makna jarak, baik fisik maupun virtual. Saya pribadi lebih condong pada jawaban A.Bring

The following text is for questions 13 and 14. Note: Find the text it on downloaded file!

13. When will Casey's birthday be held?
A. At night.
B. In the evening.
C. In the morning.
D. In the afternoon.

14. What can we conclude from the invitation?
A. The invitation is written by Lisa.
B. For confirmation, we can contact Lisa.
C. Charlotte and Lisa are Casey's cousins.
D. Lisa is the owner of the house at 123 main street Perth.

The following text is for questions 15 and 16.

To : Mr. Winfield
From : Andrew
Phone Number +6242897640
Message :

The monthly meeting is postponed due to the technical reason. Further information will be conveyed soon.

Call him, when you are back.


15. Who delivered the message to Mr. Winfield?

A. Andrew.
B. Mr. Winfield.
C. Andrew's secretary.
D. The secretary of Mr. Winfield.

16. From the text we know that Mr. Winfield will call Andrew back to ... of the meeting.
A. ask the place
B. fix the date
C. ask information about
D. clarify the postponement

The following text is for questions 17 to 19.
All his life, Guntur had dreamt about travelling abroad. One day his school announced a competition for a scholarship to study in Singapore. As he really wished to go abroad, he followed the competition. He prepared well for the competition because he didn't want to miss the chance. He won the competition and could go abroad, studying in Singapore.

Guntur was pleased when he heard about his winning the scholarship. He was going to study in Singapore. He actually felt cheerless when he had to say goodbye to his family and friends. However, he was excited about going to the university and meet people from all over the world.

The first few weeks in Singapore was not easy for Guntur. Sometimes, he felt homesick and lonely. The other students were nice, but he found it hard to get along with people from the countries with different backgrounds, cultures, and languages. He tried his best to adjust to the new environment. The classes were interesting, but they were hard. He had to spend time in the library many hours every day. Guntur didn't want to give up. He knew he had to do his best and succeed.

17. What is the main idea of the last paragraph?
A. Guntur's first few weeks was not easy.
B. Guntur felt bad about leaving his family.
C. Guntur is sad thinking about leaving his hometown.
D. Guntur made friends with people from other countries.

18. What can we conclude from the text?
A. Because of feeling homesick and lonely, Guntur decided to go back.
B. His cheerless feeling took over his excitement about leaving.
C. Guntur wanted to be successful in his overseas study.
D. Guntur's parents did not allow Guntur to leave.

19. Why did Guntur find difficulties in his first few weeks in Singapore?
A. He had difficulties to adapt and sometimes missed his family.
B. The class he took that semester were really hard and boring.
C. He wanted to treat his friends like family, but they refused.
D. Almost all his friends didn't like him.

What to do:
• Let the casualty sits down with his/her head well forward, and ask him/her to breathe through his/her mouth and to avoid speaking, swallowing, coughing or sniffing.
• Get the casualty to pinch his/her nose just below the bridge.
• After about 10 minutes, get him/her to release his/her nose. If the bleeding does not stop, repeat the process for a further 10 minutes. If there is still no improvement, the casualty should be taken to the hospital, still leaning forward and pinching his/her nose.
• Once the bleeding stops, tell the casualty to avoid blowing his/her nose for a while.

24. What should you do if the bleeding does not stop?
A. Avoid to breathe.
B. Wait for 10 minutes.
C. Pinch the nose regularly.
D. Take him or her to the hospital.

25. What should the casualty avoid when he gets nose bleeding?
A. Sniffing.
B. Sitting down.
C. Pinching the nose.
D. Getting medical help.

26. The underlined word in" ..., still leaning forward and pinching his/her nose." refers to ....
A. nurse
B. doctor
C. helper
D. casualty

27. "Let the casualty sits down, ... "
The underlined word in is closest in meaning to ....
A. client
B. patient
C. victim
D. customer

The following text is for questions 28 to 30.

Once upon a time there was a nervous little chipmunk. She was afraid that something bad would happen to her. One day she heard a little noise. It was actually the sound of an apple that fell to the ground, but the little chipmunk was petrified and shouted, "The sky is falling down." Then she ran away as fast as she could.
Soon all animals were shocked and ran in different directions making a chaos in the jungle. The lion saw this and then pulled out the little chipmunk. He said, "What made you think the sky would fall down?" She replied, "I heard and saw it near my tree house." After they checked what really happened near the tree house, the lion smiled and said, "You worry too much about everything. Let other animals know what had really happened. You are responsible for it."

28. Why did the chipmunk run away?
A. She saw a big lion.
B. She met large animals.
C. She fell down from a tree.
D. She thought the sky was falling down.

29. Where did the chipmunk hear a little noise?
A. On the sky.
B. Behind the lion.
C. Outside the jungle.
D. Near her tree house.

30. The important lesson from the story is that we have to ....
A. help other people sincerely
B. respect weak and old people
C. believe what our friends say
D. check and recheck any information

Butterflies are a type of insect with large and often colorful wings. They start out as eggs. They lay their eggs on leaves. The eggs hatch into caterpillars with tubular body. The caterpillar eats leaves, buds, or flowers of plants.
When a caterpillar is full sized, it goes into another stage called chrysalis. Caterpillars attach themselves to something solid before becoming a chrysalis. The caterpillar inside the chrysalis changes into a butterfly. Some butterflies make the change in one week. Some others take years to change.
When the change is complete, the adult butterfly splits the chrysalis. The insect unfolds its wings and pumps blood and air into them. It spreads out the wings until they become dry and harder. The beautiful butterfly then flies to get nectar from flowers. Most butterflies live only for one or two weeks.

31. What is the text mostly about?
A. Butterflies' life stages.
B. How a caterpillar lives.
C. How butterflies lay their eggs.
D. Physical characteristics of butterflies.

32. Why do butterflies fly to some flowers?
A. To get nectar.
B. To pump blood.
C. To get some food.
D. To dry their wings.

33. Where does a caterpillar change into a butterfly?
A. On the flower.
B. On the leaves.
C. Inside the chrysalis.
D. Inside the nectar.

34. The underlined word in "The insect unfolds its wings ... " is closest in meaning to ....
A. opens
B. closes
C. flies
D. eats

Ari's grandmother is a very gentle, loving, and caring person. She never raises her voice at anyone. She has lived with Ari for as long as he can remember. She takes care of him when his Mom and Dad go to work.

Ari's grandmother is a very neat and tidy person. She has very dry grey hair which she usually pulls up into a bun. She has dark brown eyes that twinkle whenever she sees him. I hardly ever see them wet.

Ari's grandmother likes to tell stories. She usually tells him brief stories of her childhood. She can act and imitate the people in the stories. Sometimes, she also tells sto about Ari's grandfather who has passed away  . Ari really    loves his grandmother

35. What is the text about?
A. Ari's story.
B. Ari's grandmother.
C. grandmother's hobby.
D. grandmother's childhood.

36. The main idea of the third paragraph is that Ari's grandmother ....
A. likes to tell brief stories of her childhood
B. is a very gentle, loving and caring person
C. loves Ari's grandfather very much
D. always takes care of Ari

37. "She takes care of him when Mom and Dad go to work." (paragraph 1) The underlined phrase is closest in meaning to ....
A. be wise
B. play with
C. give money
D. be responsible for

Once upon a time, there was a kingdom in Java that was attacked by another kingdom. The king asked his Queen to save her life. Alas! In the middle of the jungle, the enemy killed all her guards. However, the Queen was lucky because she changed herself into a golden snail and survived.

One day, an old woman saw the snail and took it home. She looked after it. Whenever the old woman was not at home, the snail turned into a human being. She cooked and did the household chores. When the old woman got home, the Queen quickly changed into a snail again. It happened several times and made the old woman curious. One day, the old woman peeped and saw what was going on. She broke in, immediately. She asked, "Why did you change yourself into a snail?" The Queen told her what happened. The old woman was surprised to know that the snail was a Queen.

Later, from the head of the village they discovered that the king had won the battle and he was looking for his wife. Then the village head sent a message to the king telling him that his wife was safe.

Several days later, the King and his guards came for the queen. They thanked the villagers for their kindness and brought the old women to their palace.

38. What happened when the old woman found the snail?
A. She reported it to the head of the village.
B. She helped it to find the queen's husband.
C. It helped cleaning and cooking in her house.
D. She brought it to her house and took care of it.

39. What does the second paragraph tell you about?
A. The queen lived as a golden snail
B. The enemy who attacked the kingdom
C. The old woman who looked after a snail
D. The king's guards who were killed by enemy

40. In the end of the story, the old woman live in ....
A. the king's palace
B. a small village
C. the village heads
D. the middle of the jungle

A school uniform is a standard set of clothing that people wear when they go to school.
It is usually a/an (41) ... of a skirt/trousers, a shirt, a tie, and a cap.

In Indonesia, a complete uniform is usually worn in flag ceremony on Mondays. (42) ... ,
in some schools students have to wear a complete uniform for more than one day.

The use of school uniform was originally intended to reduce (43) ... differences among students. Nowadays, school uniforms tend to become a unique identity of a school.

41. A. collaboration
B. application
C. combination
D. introduction

42.A. So that
B. As a result
C. However
D. Therefore

43. A. social B. mental C. optional D. original

My family and I went to Bandar Lampung last school (44) .... We went by car and we left our home in Jakarta at 6.00 a.m. It (45) ... about eight hours to get to the city center. We stayed in a hotel. It is a small hotel. On the first day, we had a city tour. We enjoyed some delicious cuisines of the city. On the second day, we went to Pahawang Island and stayed there for two days. We went swimming, snorkeling, and sailing to other smaller islands. The view was amazing and the local people were very friendly. We really had a good time 46 ... we felt very tired.

44.A. examination B. meeting C. holiday D. party

45. A. took B. paid C. sold D. ran

46. A. and B. because C. although D. therefore

47. games-lunch-we-preparing-playing-while-they-were-were
-> We were playing the game while they were preparing lunch
A. 7 - 8 - 4 - 1 - 6 - 3 - 9 - 2 - 5
B. 7-8-4-2-6-3-1-5-9
C. 6-3-9-5-1-7-8-4-2
D. 6-3-9-5 -1 -7 -2- 8-4

48. Asks - after dinner - to wash - every night - the dishes - Budi - mum
-> Mum asks budi to wash the dishes after dinner
A. 4 - 7 - l - 6 - 3 - 5 - 2
B. 4-7-1-6-2-5-3
C. 3 - 5 - 1 - 6 - 2 - 4 - 7
D. 3 - 5 - 1 - 6 - 4 - 7 - 2

49. How to use a digital camera
1. Move closer or zoom to get the picture you want.
2. Finally, press the shutter button.
3. Second, hold up the camera.
4. Then, centre the object.
5. First, turn on the camera.

A. 5 - 3 - 4 - 2 - 1
B. 5-3-4-1-2
C. 5 - 3 - 2 - 1 - 4
D. 5 - 3 - I- 2 - 4

50. 1. A flock of travelling ravens are sometimes called a conspiracy.
2. A raven is an omnivore.
3. lt travels in packs.
4. However, it usually eats carrion (dead body of animals).
5. Although they eat carrion, they are considered as one of the most intelligent animals.
6. It usually flies above the carrion and makes a deep low noise.

A. 2 - 3 - 5 - 4 - 1 - 6
B. 2-3-1-6-4-5
C. 2 - 4 - 6 - 3 - 1 - 5
D. 2-4-6- 5 - 1 -3

Contoh Soal Beserta Kunci Jawaban Siap Ujian Nasional (UN/UNBK/UNKP) Tahun Pelajaran 2017-2018 Mapel Bahasa Inggris: Soal Tahun 2017

This text is for questions 1 and 2.

All students are required to attend the Indonesia Independence Day ceremony on Wednesday 17 August 2016, at 7 A.M. in the school yard. Please wear  your white-blue uniform complete with all attributes.


Vice Principle.

1. Why does the school issue this notice?

A. to ask students to attend the Independence Day ceremony
B. to inform about Indonesia Independence Day
C. to tell students when the Indonesia independence day is
D. to invite students to contribute in the Indonesia Independence Day celebration

2. What must students do in regard to the notice?

A. pay attention to the notice
B. fill all the requirements
C. wear tie and cap
D. send regard to the vice principle

This text is for questions 3 to 5.

In celebration of youth art month
Bina Prestasi elementary school presents
The 5th Annual Students' Art Exhibition
We invite all students to participate in one of the following programs:
• Fine art
• Musical performance
• Dance performance

Please contact your art teachers or register to @creationbp.ac.id

3. Why does the school publish that announcement?
A. to inform about youth art month
B. to ask students' participations
C. to present "creations"
D. to contact their art teachers

4. What can students present in the art exhibition?
A. poetry reading
B. paintings
C. story telling
D. garage sale

5. "the 5th annual students art exhibition."

The underlined word is closest in meaning to ....
A. once a year 
B. twice a year
C. three times a year
D. four times a year

This text is for questions 6 to 8.
Approaching the summer holiday 2017, Bintang Prestasi secondary school is organizing "Youth Summer Camp"
We invite all student to this program.
When :3-10 July 2017
Place : Bumi Perkemahaan Cibubur
Programs : Outdoor games, sports, camping

Should you interested in joining this program, please register yourself to Mr. Surya Priatna
* you should present your parents' concent when register

Regard, Committee

6. What is the announcement about?
A. school's invitation
B. school's registration
C. summer holiday
D. summer camp

7. What should students do if they want to join the program?
A. confirm the invitation
B. ask parents' permission
C. go to Bumi Perkemahan Cibubur
D. practice some sports

8. We know from the announcement that the program ... for one week.
A. survives
B. lasts
C. changes
D. starts

Read the text and answer questions 9 and 10.

Look Whoooooo's
Turning One!

Please join us for Amelia 1st Birthday Saturday, April 5th at 2.00 p.m. Amelia's House
623 W. Orchard Lane Tampa, Florida
 Please RSVP: amark987@yahoo.com we hope you can join us for food and fun!

9. What is the writer's purpose to write the text?
A. To tell how to join Amelia's party.
B. To announce Amelia's birthday party.
C. To ask the addressee to come to the party.
D. To inform how to come to the birthday party.

10. What should you do first on before going to the party?
A. Buy a present and some foods.
B. Write a greeting card for Amelia.
C. Prepare some foods and cheeriness. D. Confirm the attendance by email.

Read the text and answer questions 11 and 12.

Open Day Invitation

The Staff, Governors and Children would like to invite you and your children to an Open Afternoon or Evening on

Tuesday 26th November
1.30 p.m. 2.00 p.m. 2.30 p.m.
6.30 p.m. 7 .00 p.m. 7 .30 p.m.

Tours of the school every half an hour.

There will be chance to explore the school further, meet the staff, children and governors and to see our exciting curriculum in action.

Intake for September 2016 is 120. Class sizes of 30.

We look forward to meeting you.

11. What could the guests do at the school tours?
A. To see the students actions at the class.
B. To discuss with the staff and the governors.
C. To learn more about the school and curriculum.
D. To observe school facilities and school members.

12. "There will be chance to explore the school " The underlined word is closest in meaning to .
A. event
B. facility
C. moment
D. opportunity

This text is for questions 13 to 15.

Santosa Hotel

Located in the Suburban area of Semarang, Santosa hotel offers well furnished rooms in the calm and peaceful atmosphere. It features a cozy restaurant which provide many kind , of Indonesian and International cuisine, a large ball room, meeting room and art gallery.

Featuring spacious arid elegant interiors, each air-conditioned room is provided with a cable TV, a bathroom a wardrobe, a tea or coffee maker, and minibar are also available.

Guest can exercise at the fitness centre or enjoy a refreshing dip in the indoor swimming pool.

To make reservation, please call Santosa Hotel at (024) 7607479

13. The text is addressed to travelers who want to ...
A. spend the day in a cheerful atmosphere. 
B. relax in a quiet place.
C. do outdoor activities.
D. eat traditional foods.

14. What additional facilities can be enjoyed by the guests?
A. Indoor sport activities. 
B. Outdoor sport arena.
C. A spacious meeting room.
D. Local and International foods.

15. "Featuring spacious and elegant interiors ... " The underlined word is closest in meaning to ....
A. big
B. wide
C. large
D. luxurious

This text is for questions 16 to 19.

Mr. Tucker is my math teacher at school. He teaches us at class IX. He is a smart teacher. He can teach us very well. He is a strict teacher. He doesn't like his students came late at class. He will be very angry. Besides that he doesn't like us cheating in the test. He always tells us to be honest. His students must pay attention to his explanation.

Besides that Mr. Tucker always does the same things everyday. Entering the classroom, he will wash his hands in the basin in the corner the class. After that he will walk over to his desk. Sitting in her desk, he will look at and greet us formally. Then he will put on her glasses, open his textbook and ask us what lesson we discussed the previous meeting  . And then he starts teaching  . I was really  amazed by his habit.

16. What is the writer's purpose to write the text?
A. To show his dislike of his teacher.
B. To get attention of his teacher.
C. To make the readers know the character of his teacher. 
D. To make the readers impressed by his teacher.

17. The writer describes Mr. Tucker as a ....
A. serious man
B. humorous man
C. easy going man
D. friendly man

18. The writer can tell Mr. Tucker habit precisely because ....
A. he always come to school early
B. he admires Mr. Tucker character
C. he sees Mr. Tucker does the same thing everyday
D. he pays attention to Mr. Tucker's explanation

19. "I was really amazed by his habit."
The underlined word is closest in meaning to ....
A. scared
B.... surprised
C. ashamed
D. nervous

The following text is for questions 20 to 23.

The Shard is an 87-storey skyscraper, which sits in the heart of London. It is known as the shard of glass. Construction began in 2009 and was completed three years later in 2012, making it Western European's tallest building.

Designed by architect Renzo Piano, The Shard is the second tallest free standing structure in the UK. Its exterior boasts 11,000 glass panels - that's equivalent in area to eight football pitches or two-and-a-half Trafalgar Squares.

The building was developed to have multiple uses, describes on the website as a 'vertical city where people can live, work and relax'. This motto was clearly taken on board that was found on the 72nd floor towards the end of construction.

20. What is the text about?
A. The architect Renzo Piano
B. The Shard glass panels
C. The Shard, building in London
D. The tallest building in London

21. In Europe, the Shard gains popularity on its ....
A. location
B. function
C. height
D. age

22. What probably makes people interested to stay in the Shard?
A. It has multiple uses.
B. It is the tallest building in UK.
C. It was built by famous architect.
D. It is located in the heart of London.

23. " ... ,making it Western European's tallest building." What does the underlined word refer to?
A. The Shard
B. The glass
C. London
D. Skyscraper

This text is for questions 24 to 27.

Last year I joined the Chicago Marathon, my first marathon contest. I had to run 26,2 miles to complete it. It was hard.
At first, I just wanted to get the experience of joining a marathon. I thought it
would be one life time experience. After finishing it, I changed my mind. I wanted to join another one. I was interested to complete at least one more marathon and improve my time. I also experienced a good feeling between participants and the spectators that made me happy. It was a very wonderful thing for me. So I decided that I had to join another marathon the following year.

24. What is the text about?
A. The writer's.activities of watching Chicago marathon contest.
B. The writer's wonderful feeling after watching marathon.
C. The writer's good achievement in marathon.
D. The changing of the writer's feeling after joining the marathon.

25. To improve his achievement, the writer ....
A. asked for advice how to run well
B. practised hard with other participants
C. planned to join another marathon
D. ran faster and faster

26. What was the writer's intention when he decided to join his first marathon?
A. He would get the winner
B. He just wanted to get an experience C. He planned to join another marathon D. He wanted to complete 26,2 miles run

27. " ... , I change my mind." (Paragraph 2)
The underlined word is closest in meaning to ....
A. decision
B. ambition
C. thought
D. suggestion

This text is for questions 28 to 31.

How to download music from you tube

1. Find the artist whose song's you want to download. In the address bar at your browser, search the video's address.
2. Pop along to www.clipconverter.cc and use Ctrl-V to paste the clip's address into the ' Media URL to Download box.
3. Check on the kind of file you, want to create MP 3 offer the widest compability
4. Click on to continue and clip converter will check the URL and detect the video clip.
Give the song a file name and then click on start
5. Clip converter will now do thing and present you with a download link. Simply click on that, find the song in your download folder and open it to hear the song

28. Text is written to ....
A. make us know what happen if the download process happens
B. allow us to read the download process
C. guide us step by step to download music from you tube
D. give information the final result of downloading

29. What should we put in the media URL?
A. The address of the song
B. The title of the song
C. The name of the file
D. The download link

30. What will happen if the download process is successful?
A. The video clip will be detected on the URL.
B. The file name will be found on the folder.
C. We will find the song in the download folder. 
D. Clip converter will open easily.

31. "and open it to hear the song" The underlined word refers to ....
A. the song
B. the download folder
C. the download link
D. the clip converter

This text is for questions 32 to 35.

Once upon a time, there was a young man called Ma Liang. He was poor. He helped a rich bad man to tend cattle. He liked drawing and drew pictures everywhere.
'One night, he dreamed that an old man gave him a magic paintbrush and asked him to use it to help poor people. When he woke up, he found the magic paintbrush in his desk ..
From that day on, he used the paintbrush to help people. Whenever he drew pictures, they became real. But a few days later, his master heard about the magic paint brush and stole it. He drew a lot of pictures, but they could not become real. He was very angry and asked some people to get Ma Liang.
When Ma Liang came, he said to him, "If you draw some pictures for me and turn
them to life, I will set you free. " The young man said, "I can help you, but you should obey your words." The bad man felt very happy and said, "I want a golden mountain. I will go there to gather gold." The young man drew a sea first. Then the young man drew a golden mountain which was far away from the sea. After that he drew a big ship. The bad man jumped into the ship. When the ship sailed to the middle of the sea, the young man drew a large wave and it destroyed the ship. After that, the young man lived with his family happily and kept on helping the poor people. So the magic paintbrush was known by everyone.

32. What is the topic of the story?
A. A magic paintbrush and a helpful man. 
B. A good painter and a greedy king.
C. A clever painter and a wise king.
D. A young man and his king.

33. If Ma Liang didn't do what the King asked he would ....
A. live alone in the golden mountain
B. be poor
C. stayed injail
D. lose in the sea

34. What would happen if Ma Liang didn't kill the King?
A. The King would get a lot of gold. B. The King would kill him.
C. He would get big prize from the King.
D. He wouldn't be able to help poor people.

35. How was Ma Liang like?
A. smart and helpful
B. smart but greedy
C. humble and helpful
D. clever but cunning

This text is for questions 36 to 39.

Lightning is one of Nature's most dangerous phenomenon. The average lightning flash could light a 100 watt light bulb for more than three months. The temperature of a lightning bolt may reach 27.760°C which is hotter than the surface of the sun.

Lightning is not only an outdoor hazard. In houses without adequate lightning protection. It can be dangerous to take a bath or shower. The electric shock could be delivered along the water pipes. There is also the risk of lightning shocks being transmitted via telephone or plugged in electronics in houses without protection. Thus, people who live in these houses should unplug telephones, computers, and televisions during storms, protecting them from damage in case of lightning strike. If that is too much work, it's much safer to at least install special socket inserts that protect against surges.

36. What is the text mainly about?
A. The power of lightning.
B. The danger of lightning.
C. The definition of lightning.
D. The process of lightning.

37. How can the lightning be dangerous while we are taking a bath?
A. The electric shock could be delivered along the water pipes. 
B. The lightening can be transmitted via electronics.
C. The lightning strike can protect them from damage.
D. Electronic in houses can deliver telephone and televisions.

38. Which of the following is prohibited to do when there is lightning in a house without lightning protection?
A. Sweep the floor.
B. Vacuum the carpet. 
C. Boil water.
D. Turn on the torch.

39. The information text above mainly is important for ....
A. the teacher
B. the scientist
C. the housewife
D. the student

This text is for uestions 40 to 42.

Penguins are torpedo-shaped, flightless birds that. lives in the southern regions of the Earth. Though many people imagine a small, black-and-white animal when they think of penguins, these birds actually come in a variety of sizes, and some are very colourful.

For example, crested penguins spot a crown of yellow feathers. Blushes of orange and yellow mark the necks of emperor and king penguins. What look like bright yellow, bushy eyebrows adorn the heads of some species, such as the Foirdland, Royal, Snares and rock hopper penguins. The macaroni penguin's name comes from the crest of yellow feathers on its head, which looks like the 18th-century hats of the same name. A light yellow mask covers the face of the yellow eyed penguin around the eyes.

40. What is the purpose of the text above?
A. to describe about a penguin
B. to tell readers how penguins live
C. to inform the readers the kinds of penguins
D. to tell facts about penguins

41. Paragraph 2 describe penguins in terms of its...
A. shape
B. habitat
C. sizes
D. colour

42. "Penguins are torpedo-shaped, flightless birds that live in the southern regions of the earth." What can we infer from the sentence?
A. Penguins have strong body.
B. Penguins cannot fly.
C. Penguins live on the ocean.
D. Penguins live the north pole.

This text is for questions 43 to 45.

It was almost 6 A.M. Andi was hurriedly packing up his things. He had to catch up the 7 A.M train to Surabaya. At 6.30 A.M a taxi was coming to pick him up. He asked the driver to rush because his train was at 7 A.M. The traffic was very crowded. When he arrived at the station, the time showed 7 .15 A.M. The train had already left.

43. What can you learn from the text?
Andi should have ....

A. driven the car himself
B. left early
C. worn his watch
D. left his things

44. Why was Andi late to arrive at the station? Because ...
A. he took taxi
B. the driver was driving slowly
C. he got up late
D. the driver was late

45. Andi arrived at the train station ... the train had already left.
A. but
B. and
c. so
D. if

This text is for questions 46 to 48.

ONCE upon a time; a grandmother and her granddaughter lived in Roti Island, Nusa Tenggara Timur. They had a field and grew some vegetables. The grandmother sold them at the market.

In one morning, the grandmother would go to the market. Before she left, she asked her granddaughter to cook.

"Please cook some rice for lunch. But just cook one grain of rice. It's enough for both of
"Why, Grandma?" asked the girl. "Just do what I said."

The grandmother then left for the market. Later, the girl started to cook. However, she felt a grain of rice would not be enough for them.

"I think it's not enough for me and my grandmother." Then she took two handfuls of rice. Suddenly, something bad happened to the rice pot. "Oh, no! The rice flowed out of the pot!" shouted the girl. "What should I do? The rice became rice porridge. It flowed and flowed until it covered the kitchen. Suddenly, the grandmother came home. The girl explained what happened.

"You are naughty girl! Why didn't you listen to me? The grandmother was so angry. She hit the girl with a wooden stick.

"Please forgive me, Granma! The little girl cried and cried. But the grandmother kept hitting her.

Then, an incredible thing happened! The girl turned into a monkey. The monkey then ran away and climbed a tree. The grandmother chased it. From the tree, the monkey said. "Grandmother, I'm a monkey now. I cannot live with you anymore. You are all alone."

The monkey climbed up and disappeared. The grandmother was very sad. She regretted what she had done to her beloved granddaughter. "Please come back to me. Please forgive me, my granddaughter!" but it was too late.

The little girl has turned into a monkey and never came home. The people of Roti Island believe this story. And that is until now; people in the Roti Island never hit their children or other people's child. They are afraid that the child would tum into a monkey.

46. What is the purpose of the text above?
A. to describe characters in a story
B. to tell what happened with the characters in a story
C. to argue why story is important
D. to teach moral value with a story

4 7. What happened when the granddaughter cooked the rice?
A. The rice pot exploded
B. The girl turned into a monkey
C. The grandmother was so angry
D. The porridge flooded the kitchen

48. "The grandmother chased it." (paragraph 5) The word "it" refers to ....
A. thing
B. monkey
C. tree
D. wooden stick

Read the text and answer questions 49 and 50.

Dear Davish,

CONGRATULATIONS! I know you must be proud and happy to attain the rank of Eagle Scout. May the high goals and ideals which led to this special honour continue to inspire you in the years ahead.
Timmy Carter

49. What is the writer's intention to write the text?
A. To praise Davish for his success
B. To inspire Davish to reach his goal
C. To share his happiness with Davish
D. To support Davish to get the Eagle Scout

50. "May the high goals and ideals which led to this special honour continue to inspire you in the years ahead."
We can infer from this statement that the writer hopes Davish ....
A. stay humble and calm
B. always be happy
C. keep on success in the future
D. be a better person

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